Concert Technologies Launches eBonding API for Technology Rollout Customers

Concert Technologies launches Ebonding API for its Telecom Carriers.


Concert Technologies today launched its eBonding API for telecommunications carriers and enterprise business customers. The Concert Technologies eBonding APIs deliver time and money-saving back-office integration, allowing customers complete system flexibility for their technology rollout and maintenance orders.

Telecommunications carriers and enterprise business customers will benefit from the eBonding API platform by performing the following tasks on their company’s own system:

  • Easily creating orders for technology installation and maintenance
  • Modifying orders already placed
  • Canceling existing orders in the system
  • Viewing the status of orders
  • Viewing status of bulk orders

“Offering eBonding APIs for our customers to place orders and integrate their system with COPS is a logical addition to our internal resources,” said Dennis Mazaris, CEO and president of Concert Technologies. “Now it’s easier than ever for customers to submit orders and review account information for technology infrastructure projects.”

Telecommunications carriers and enterprise business customers will find the eBonding APIs easy to implement with standard Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) and Concert Technologies eBonding documentation. Customer system users will place orders directly through their system, connecting to Concert Technologies’ system, COPS, through an HTTPS secure connection.

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