Concert Technologies Launches Bartering Program for Martinsburg, WV Entrepreneurs

Concert Technologies starts a new Barter system for entrepreneurs in Martinsburg, WV.


Concert Technologies today announced a new program to benefit Martinsburg entrepreneurs, offering commercial office space as part of a new bartering system of payment. Martinsburg small businesses and entrepreneurs can barter their services for office space in the Concert Technologies building at 205 East King Street, one block away from the center of town. The bartering arrangements for selected entrepreneurs would give them office space in a desirable location within Martinsburg that would otherwise be prohibited by cost.

“One of the largest expenses a business incurs on a monthly basis is office rent and, by bartering with entrepreneurs’ for their services in exchange for office space, Concert Technologies hopes they can help out small businesses. Not only will the small businesses have an office with high speed internet, they will be able to collaborate with us and other small businesses located at our facility to expand their business within the Martinsburg community.” said Dennis Mazaris, President of Concert Technologies.

The businesses Concert Technologies selects for its bartering program are on a case-by-case basis.  For more information or to apply for this program, email Concert Technologies at

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